Cruise is a lot of cities and countries. It’s fresh air and constant courage, and a cruise ship is like a five-star hotel. If you are planning to go on a cruise in the near future, then you can find a suitable destination for you on the

A cruise is not just a trip. It’s an adventure! A classic cruise is fresh sea air, a chic liner, dozens of countries and cities. Although there are river and even rail cruises, sea cruises are the most popular.

In summer, they most often travel along the Mediterranean Sea, in autumn transatlantic liners sail the Caribbean Sea, and in winter they dock on the shores of Asian countries.

Choosing a cruise

Carefully study the cruise offer: the experience and reputation of the company, reviews of a particular route and vessel.

Also, before buying tickets, carefully study the cruise program: where it starts, where it ends, in which ports there will be overnight parking.

Remember that sometimes due to force majeure (for example, bad weather), the schedule may change.

Getting ready for a cruise

Start preparing for the cruise immediately after buying the tour. This will allow you to “catch” cheap flights and book hotels, car rental, excursions and so on in advance. This can also be done on the

In addition, there should be a time reserve for processing visas and other documents.

Making a schedule

The ship’s parking time is the most important thing on a cruise. As a rule, it is known for a long time, so you need to make an hourly schedule for each parking place.

De facto, the tourist has 2-2.5 hours less at his disposal than stated in the schedule. Firstly, you need to be on board an hour and a half before departure. Due to the passenger’s lateness, the departure is unlikely to be delayed: parking at the port costs a lot of money. Secondly, they are not released from the ship immediately and it is not always possible to get out first. The journey to the ramp in turn can take from 30 minutes to an hour.

Plotting routes

Cruise companies offer tourists their own entertainment program: a sightseeing tour of a coastal city or, for example, a bus ride to a particular attraction. But it is often more profitable to take «local» excursions.

Now you know how to prepare for a cruise.