Europe has always excelled as a place full of tradition, culture and history. Despite being the world’s second-smallest continent, Europe has been the site of many significant events all throughout history. As a testament to these events, you can see plenty of relevant structures scattered all over the continent such as old cathedrals, mighty castles, enchanting temples and complex fortresses dating back during the ancient times. A visit to any European country is just like going back in time and reliving the moments.

Europe is not all about heritage and culture. There are European countries that are also blessed with stunning sights and natural Earthly wonders. Located in Central and Southeastern Europe is the beautiful country of Croatia. There are so many amazing natural attractions in Croatia such as great lakes, diverse mountain ranges and natural parks. The country is very conscious in implementing conservation efforts and protecting their natural reserves. You need to visit at least one of its national parks to get a real feel of the nature. the Kornati Islands National Park provides an extensive habitat for many different species of birds and animals, it is Situated in the Kornati archipelago just along the Adriatic Sea. The islands are also rich in flora and fauna. You will see lots of wildlife including various species of butterfly, birds snakes and lizards. Your eyes can also feast on about 200 known varieties of Mediterranean plants found all over the islands. There are also wild plants that are believed to be of medicinal value that are used to cure all kinds of ailments. Croatia is a country that is molded by culture. One of the most highly recommended places to visit is the walled city of Dubrovnik. Alot of the citys structures are greatly influenced by Renaissance style architecture. The city was declared a UNESCO world heritage in 1979. There are other old structures in the country such as the Ancient Roman Pula Arena in Pula, Cathedral of St. James in ibenik, the 19th century church of St. Donatus in Zadar and the Kamerlengo Castle in the historic town of Trogir. The best thing about touring these places is that you also learn from the happenings of the past. There are numerous flights to Croatia being offered daily. Croatia has 3 major airports, you can get a direct flight from almost any other major city in Europe. If you go online, you should be able to pick up flights to Croatia quite easily. Airfares may vary from one carrier or travel agency to the other. Always check for special promotions and discounts that may be posted on various travel websites. To get the most out of your air travel, you can make use of the comparison features found in various websites to easily determine which carrier has the cheapest offering.