Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Majorca is the largest Spanish island by area size and second largest by population. Majorca is also known as Mallorca which is the Catalan and Spanish name for the island.

The capitol city of Majorca is called Palma and was founded on a Roman camp called Palmaria. There are numerous wonderful sights and attractions for visitors to see in the city. Areas such as the cathedral area and the cities old town attract huge amounts of tourists each year who are interested in Palmas unique and historical architecture.

In the north western part of Majorca you will find 2 large mountainous areas that both stretch for around 70 kilometres and contain just some of the geographic wonders of the island. There are a large amount of naturally formed attractions such as underground caves with lakes and wonderful coves.

The two official languages of Majorca are Catalan and Spanish, Majorcan children are taught both languages and a basic amount of English.

According to statistics there are over 2500 places to dine on the island of Majorca, A large part of the Mallorca diet is based on what is traditionally grown on the island such as olives and various types of nut.

There are numerous festivals held on the island each year celebrating a range of different subjects ranging from Majorca’s history and heritage through to modern music and dance. One such festival is the ‘Majorca rocks’ festival; this year’s event will feature many musical artists from around the world such as Dizzee Rascal, Friendly Fires and Tinie Tempah.

Majorca is very popular with tourists due to its wonderful climate all year around; villas in Majorca are an extremely popular way to experience the island and in recent years villa holidays have grown from strength to strength.

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