Millions of people each year take a cruise holiday, these can include some of the more popular destinations such as Mediterranean cruises and Caribbean cruises right through to Alaskan cruises.

Along with the more traditional cruise holidays there is another type of cruise that is becoming popular. Theme cruises have taken off very well within the past twenty years along with the large growth that the cruise industry has been experiencing.

Theme cruises are primarily like the more traditional cruise holiday but include a much more in-depth theme regarding its onboard events. For many people these themed cruises offer the best of both worlds with all of the luxury and excitement of a holiday but with the added enjoyment of being able to immerse yourself in one of your interests or hobbies.

Both cruise lines and private chartered vessels host theme cruises, but with the larger lines reputations and known value for money they are by far the best choice when deciding on booking. There are countless different types of themed cruises that cover many interests such as: – Art, Antiques, poker, mystery themed, dancing and music of all styles.

An example of a special interest cruise would be an astronomical cruise; these cruises often take place in Norway as it provides an excellent view of many astral sights and phenomena such as the northern and lights. These cruises boast a wonderful viewing of the aurora and also offer excursions to many of the best museums regarding astronomy. A professor of astronomy is on hand to give guided tours of the stars and throughout the voyage will give seminars and talks on various astronomical subjects.