Farewell, But Not Good Bye

Eleven hours and two red bulls later, I am back in southern California. The solo road trip is a time for reflection, and after three months of the best gig ever I had plenty to ponder. Not only did I get to ski most every day, but it was one of the best snow years in recent memory. There are so many memories that I will treasure. [...]


Fossil Point, Golden Bay

Families and day trippers keen on a short outing to a wide expanse of beach on the Tas-man Sea side of Farewell Spit in Golden Bay should consider the option of the poled trail heading north across the paddocks of Triangle Flat. Starting beneath the Paddle Crab Cafe, we coaxed our three girls over the route one hot, windy day [...]


Mataitai Forest

Speeding down the rural road while bolting down rny morning coffee, I was surprised and pleased to discover the hidden and charming Ness Valley-It’s gently rolling pastoral hills and the regenerating forest at their edges provided the reassur­ing feeling I’d escaped the rat race. But true to the rat within, and [...]